Bermudian Springs Middle School Library


Ms. Reitzel

5th - 12th grade librarian


Mrs. Kline

library aide

The Bermudian Springs Middle School Library houses over 17,000 books and pieces of media, including encyclopedias, magazines, videos, and newspapers. It offers students access to the Internet and various on-line databases. The library has 12 computers available for student use. Classes are taught in the library and the connected library classroom.

The library media program at Bermudian Springs Middle School provides material and instructional support for all curricular areas. This support is provided for teams and teachers through units of study and through research projects. The school media program is a fundamental part of the total educational experience at Bermudian Springs Middle School and reflects the efforts of faculty, students, and the library staff to provide appropriate resources and instruction.

The school library provides resources in an organized fashion to stimulate intellectual curiosity and foster the development of critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making. Students are encouraged to not only achieve success in meeting the Pennsylvania's Core Curriculum standards but also to read independently.